34 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills by 79%

Our energy bills seem to be getting more and more expensive as the years go on, but this is most likely to not doing everything needed to stopping heat from escaping your premises or taking alternative precautions, such as putting a jumper. Need advice for an unsettled debt? Click here.

How to reduce your energy billsHere’s how we managed to reduce our energy bills by a staggering £643

Making your home energy efficient can reduce your bills massively and it isn’t as hard as it seems either.

Consider switching your energy provider

Normally we just carry on with the same provider as it is easier than searching for a company that can provide you with what you need. But, this is a costly mistake as statistics show that the average big six tariff can cost around £1175 compared to one of the cheapest on the market at £913, meaning you have potential savings of £262.

How much heating do you really use?

Two thirds of energy in UK homes is used for heating spaces, which accounts to over half of our bills! Water heating results to two thirds of the average monthly costs. More information here.

People tend to think that they are paying for fuel costs, but the reality is that we are paying for all of the heat lost through windows, doors and poorly insulated walls.

Want to stop the heat from escaping in your property?

For those that have a flat roof extension on your property and currently have skylights fitted, ask yourself are they as energy efficient as possible? Suppliers located in Bromley offer some of the best, and most energy efficient rooflights in the market. Start shopping today and prevent more energy from being lost. Check out fixed rooflights with a U-Value of 0.97.

The best rooflight suppliers in the UK